Our History

Penguin pools was established in 1955 and we have firmly entrenched ourselves as South Africa’s leading pool builder.

We have completed numerous prestige projects and thousands of domestic pool installations which accounts for our exceptional reputation.

Our Mission

To continue to run a professional business, based on wholesome family values, to provide clients with a swimming pool service that makes them feel at home.  To care for our clients like a family cares for a child – with love, tenderness and care.


To continue to revolutionize and be the leader in the swimming pool industry for years to come.


Why use Penguin Pools to build your pool?

  • Penguin offers superior construction specifications and high standards of workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on the concrete shell
  • Penguin has matchless engineering services, combined with quality materials, equipment and workmanship
  • Penguin pools are professionally designed, aesthetically, as well as structurally
  • Penguin pools has built thousands of pools of almost every conceivable size, shape and type
  • You are assured of the most modern and up-to-date know-how and technology in the industry
  • Penguin pools operates efficiently and effectively and  can therefore give you more pool for your money
  • Penguin’s legacy guarantees that we will stay in business providing after sales service and support to enjoy your pool for years to come.
  • Penguin has won all top awards at various institutes, agricultural shows, large organizations and financial institutes

Membership of associations

Work Ethic

Penguin Pools believes in a work ethic of transparency, participative management and not only looking after our clients and agents, but after our staff members as well. We accept that a satisfied client is a client for life and a happy staff member is a productive staff member. We have open communication channels and regular sales meetings and training sessions.

Most of our employees who boast many years of service each. Our employees are a mix of seasoned and young professionals. We believe in equality and career advancement. We acknowledge that a growing and prosperous business is beneficial to all stakeholders.